An art performance was given at the Central Hall of Workers Wednesday by the winners of vocal and instrumental soloist contests among officials and members of the trade unions to mark the 57th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il‘s start of the Songun revolutionary leadership.

It began with choruses “Glory to General Kim Jong Un” and “Oh, My Motherland of Songun”. Put on the stage were female solo “Where Are You, Dear General?”, the immortal masterpiece, trombone solo and male solo “Soldiers Live near the General” and kayagum solo “Nilliri for Songun.”

The performers sang high praises of the exploits Kim Jong Il performed by finding himself on the forefront against imperialism till the last moments of his great life since he started the Songun revolutionary leadership, leading the confrontation with the U.S. and the struggle for defending socialism to victory and providing an eternal foundation for the final victory of the Juche revolution.

In female quintet “Our Dear Marshal” and female solo “Song of Big Fish Haul” they truthfully represented the boundless reverence for respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is demonstrating before the world the dignity and power of the DPRK through his ever-victorious guidance.

Numbers reflecting the revolutionary enthusiasm of the workers and trade union members to accelerate the movement for creating the Mallima speed in every work site for a great upswing were also put on the stage.