Army-people rallies took place in cities and counties of the DPRK in celebration of the great victory achieved under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea in accomplishing the historic cause of completing the state nuclear force, the cause of building a rocket power.

Attending them were officials of local party and power organs and working people’s organizations, industrial establishments, co-op farms, universities, etc. and officers and men of the Korean People’s Army and the Korean People’s Internal Security Forces and working people from all walks of life and youth and students.

At the rallies, speakers expressed heartfelt gratitude to respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who has displayed the dignity of the great power and provided the eternal rosy future of the country with the success in the test-fire of new-type ICBM Hwasong-15.

They declared that nobody can dare to provoke the DPRK and no force can block the dynamic advance of the independent people keeping to the road of justice, united as one in mind around their great leader.

They called for vigorous struggle to win the final victory in the showdown with the U.S. and the socialist cause in the same spirit as displayed to show the world the dignity and might of Juche Korea under the banner of the great line of simultaneously developing the two fronts.