Art performances were given in Pyongyang and local areas on the 71st anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

A concert “Song to the Party” was given by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Moranbong Theater.

A revolutionary opera “Victory of the Revolution Is in Sight” showing the fighting spirit of an anti-Japanese revolutionary fighter ideologically and artistically and philosophically was performed at the Pyongyang Grand Theater.

A music, dance and poem “Story Conveyed by ‘Arirang’” was given at the Ponghwa Art Theatre and a drama “Blood Vessel” at the National Theatre

Circus and magic performances of the National Circus took place at the Pyongyang Circus Theater and Magic Theater, instilling optimism into the people and school youth and children.

Artistes of art troupes of North Phyongan, North Hwanghae, Jagang, North Hamgyong and other provinces staged celebrations.

A performance “Song of Blessed People” was given by the working people and school youth and children in Kaesong City at Kaesong Square.