Nuclear-phobia by the nuclear force of the DPRK has now caused a tragicomedy in the U.S.

On January 16 a meteor fell from the sky between Ohio and Michigan with a great bang, brightening the sky.

This sparked off the explosive postage of stories about the “fireball in the nocturnal sky” on the U.S. internet websites.

Internet users admitted that they worried the meteor in question could have been a nuclear bomb flown from north Korea.

A twitter user posted words that when meteor brightened the sky between Ohio and Michigan, all internet network users hoped that it would be a meteor, not north Korea’s missile.

Another twitter user wrote that it was sad to have taken the meteor as a bomb flown from north Korea and to have hurried the car in fear.

Lots of people were reported to have greatly worried about it, taking the meteor as an attack from north Korea.

A people said that it was greatly relieving that the meteor did not pass the sky last weekend when there was a misinformation about the flight of a nuclear bomb.

What was all the more irony was the fuss in Hawaii on January 13.

At 08:07 citizens and tourists on Hawaii received all at the same time the ballistic missile threat warning which urged them to evacuate as there was ballistic missile threat and which stressed that it was not just training.

The citizens and tourists in great disarray went busy evacuating amid the heightened fear and delusion of persecution about the nuclear force of the DPRK.

What is all the more ridiculous is that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission put it that the ballistic missile attack evacuation warning which threw the whole of Hawaii in a great chaos was caused by a mistake of a man who pressed the button during shift period.

The field repercussion is that it is quite natural that the whole state was thrown into fear as the citizens and tourists were fed the warning message as serious as the one warning of “imminent and actual drop of missile” which could be the most dreadful moment in life.

In recent days the U.S. forces in south Korea and their families were informed to leave south Korea by messages sent through hand phones or broadcasting means which made them get flurried in fear that a war may break out. In the U.S. people caught in extreme fear vied with each other to buy frozen foods, gas masks and goods for emergency use, indicative of the pain suffered by the Americans stricken by war-phobia.

The consecutive fuss in the U.S. and fear caused by even the natural phenomenon being mistaken as a rocket from the DPRK are the natural outcome of the acts done by the U.S. itself.