“Nongopkisang”, an agro-meteorology service program, is popular in the agricultural field and many other relevant units of the DPRK.


According to Kim Kum Hwa, director of an institute of the State Hydro-meteorological Administration, the program was developed by the Meteorological Information Exchange Company and the Climate Research Institute.

It helps smart-phone users who join in mobile communications network read agro-technical measures related to agro-meteorological data and seasonal weather conditions.

Subscribers can have access to information on weather forecast, temperature, precipitation, accumulative temperature, the beginning of critical temperature, soil temperature, frozen depth of land, the beginning of frosty day, etc.

One can receive the crop growth forecast in the convenient form and store it in file. One can also receive messages on stepwise forecast, extended forecast, 15-day weather forecast, monthly weather forecast and seasonal weather forecast.

Informed of storm warning timely, the users can apply it at the worksite of agricultural production.

They can read all the information by indices together with data on the normal year, last year and the current year. As data on agricultural weather by indices have been made with ri, an administrative unit of the DPRK, as a unit, the users can set necessary areas and comprehensive read data on agricultural weather.

The number of the users is on a daily increase.