Farm villages throughout DPRK have reason to celebrate as they continue to implement the rural construction program of the new era, bringing delight to agricultural workers. The Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) Central Committee’s commitment to turning all farm villages into socialist ideal villages has resulted in modern and diverse housing appearing in various locations such as Wonsephyong-ri in Cholsan County, Samchong-ri in Sungho County, Taeun-ri in Usi County, Ryongam-ri in Ranam District, Pugo-dong in Chongam District in Chongjin City, Jadong-ri in Yonggwang County, Janghung-ri in Toksong County, and Tami-ri in Taean District.

These new dwellings were designed to uphold the unique characteristics of the countryside while also ensuring modernity and architectural beauty, enabling the working people to enjoy socialist civilization to the fullest. The construction of these new villages, embodying the WPK’s people-first principle in architecture and rural construction, are a precious achievement of the devoted efforts and warm loving care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un for his people.

Ceremonies were held on-site for the agricultural workers moving into their new homes, attended by officials of relevant provinces, cities, and counties, builders, officials of units that contributed to the construction, and the agricultural workers themselves.

Congratulatory speeches were made, licenses for the use of the houses were conveyed, and oath-taking speeches were delivered. Speakers expressed their deep emotion, acknowledging that only in our socialist country are houses provided to peasants free of charge. They pledged to repay the great benevolence of Kim Jong Un by achieving high agricultural production results and by managing and sprucing up their villages and workplaces.

As the agricultural workers settled into their new homes, the atmosphere was joyous and festive, with cheerful dances displayed. Officials visited the new houses to congratulate their owners, sharing in the excitement and satisfaction of the new beginning.