Many achievements have been made in a drive to strengthening the material and technical foundation of the railways this year, a year of weighty significance in implementing the five-year strategy for national economic development.

At least 20 workshops were built by railway bureaus and branches across the country to produce 3 times more concrete sleepers than last year.

Amid the modernization of railways, the yearly plan for changing rails with welded ones was completed at 108.7 percent.

The Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Complex brought about a great innovation in the production of railway vehicles by making detailed arrangement of production processes, while keeping the supply of raw materials ahead of others.

And processes for producing high-tensile round steel and bearing-metal were completed at the Wonsan Rolling-Stock Complex and the Rahung Railway Factory, thus making it possible to put production of wheels of carriages and different accessories on a normal basis.

Scientists of the railway institute introduced the computer-controlled interlocking system into railway stations along the Hyesan-Samjiyon broad-gauge railway, and have directed big efforts to drawing up the railroad schedule in a scientific way.

Meanwhile, LED semaphore, ultrasonic detector for structure and others were made to ensure the promptness and safety of railway transportation.