Recently, amid the hot wind of attaching importance to science and technology and talents sweeping the whole country, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is producing world-startling able scientists.

Sensation in the Material Science Circles

Dr and Associate Professor Yu Chol Jun, head of the material science department of Kim Il Sung University, created a sensation in the world material science circles by dint of his clear head and abilities.

He gave scientific explanations to the structures and physical properties of new materials of the world interest. Based on his research achievements, the world material science circles made public a new extended average approach named after him. The achievements attracted the interest of the German professors in material science during the DPRK-Germany symposium on applied science held in Pyongyang, capital city of the DPRK, in 2006.

In his thirties, he became a Doctor of Physics and one of the national top scientists and technicians and received a doctorate in natural sciences from the German academic circles.

He presented tens of valuable papers to the international academic journals and attracted particular attention of the circles while participating in the international seminars on material design more than ten times. Now, as a member of the international association for advanced materials, he is conducting joint research with scientists of the most prestigious universities in the world.

The young man, born in a mountainous village, says: I have been able to achieve these successes as I have engaged in scientific research through continuous education, ranging from prodigy education to postgraduate course, and have been provided with all conditions thanks to the policies of the state.

Winning Recognition by the TWAS

Kim Kwang Hyon, a researcher at the Laser Institute of the State Academy of Sciences, was selected as TWAS Young Affiliate from the East & Southeast Asia and Pacific Region (ROESEAP) in his thirties, the first of its kind in the DPRK.

He was also appointed a regular member of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, the most prestigious institute in the field of theoretical physics.

Born in Kanggye, a mountain town in the northern part, he received systematic prodigy education at a middle school and at the faculty of physics of University of Sciences situated on the outskirts of Pyongyang. Now, as an able researcher at the Laser Institute of the State Academy of Sciences, he distinguished himself in the research of laser, a frontier science at the time.

In a DPRK-Germany presentation on applied mathematics and physics held in October 2005, he attracted the academic circles’ attention by making public his study of on-axis modulation of intensity distribution of laser beams by computer-generated phase holograms. He worked out basic theories for realizing the nonlinear optical effect by using metal nanomaterials. Typical examples are ultrashort pulse generation, an important thing in the research of material properties, and optical delay, a significant thing in optical telecommunications. For this, he received doctorate in this field from the German academic circles. Tens of his valuable academic papers were carried in international academic journals authoritative in the optical field and at international symposiums, and he became an authority in the fields of laser and optics.

Winners of the Prize of Grand Master in Memory

Students from Kim Hyong Jik University of Education won the international memory master prizes in the 27th World Memory Championship (WMC) held in Hong Kong of China in December 2018.

The Korean students participated in the international memory championship for the first time, but proved successful.

Pang Un Sim broke the previous world record of 3 040 by 3 240 at the one-hour random words memory event and 520 by 540 at the five-min random numbers memory event held next day. On the third day, Ri Song Mi broke the previous world record of 300 by 302 at the fifteen-min words memory event.

The two girls took the title in junior and senior group events, respectively, winning the International Grand Master of Memory, the top prize of the championship, Ri’s record was registered on the Guinness Book of World Records.