The 3rd Committee of the Korea Space Association was held at the Sci-Tech Complex on Wednesday.

It discussed the matters of successfully hosting the “symposium on space science and technology-2017”.

Ri Won Chol, chairman of the association and vice-president of Kim Chaek University of Technology, made an address at the meeting.

He said that thanks to the feats of President Kim Il Sungand leader Kim Jong Il, who had worked heart and soul for the space development, and the guidance of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, the DPRK has secured the firm position as a satellite manufacturing and launching state.

He noted that the association has dynamically conducted the space scientific and technological exchange to use the space technology in various sectors of the national economy after the DPRK launched an application satellite.

The “symposium on space science and technology-2017” will include seminars proving the validity and vitality of the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the DPRK government on peaceful space development, inter-sector panels on science and technology, lectures on the achievements and world-wide development orientation in the field of space science and technology and a watch of videos.