The DPRK has made a number of achievements in the development of latest information technologies.

Latest IT products were presented to the 2018 national exhibition of IT successes recently opened at the Three-Revolution Exhibition House under the theme of “The age of knowledge-based economy and IT enthusiasm”.

According to Kim In Chol, section chief of the National IT Administration, lots of products adopting ultra-modern intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence technology, bulk-storage data analyzing technology and searching technology were presented to the exhibition.

What drew attention of visitors was the marine command system to get real-time information of positions and fish catch of ships, receive distress call and cryptogram and give specific instructions in time. It is said that the system is of high economic effectiveness for guaranteeing the safety of fishers, increasing the fish catch by 1.5 times and saving much fuel.

Among popular IT products were a general tool for producing and managing software, management system for academic contest, industrial intelligent interface “Achim” (morning) easy to control PLC and tablet computer “Taeyang 8321” capable of getting wireless access to network. The IT Institute of the Latest Science Institute of Kim Il Sung University, IT Institute of Kim Chaek University of Technology, Pyongyang Program Joint Development Center, Achim Computer Joint Venture Company and six other units were selected as the ten top IT enterprises of 2018 at the exhibition.