The Kuryong Falls is in Mt. Kumgang of Korea, a world-famous mountain.

The vertical height of the beautiful falls is 74 metres. It is 84 metres long and 4 metres wide and has a large volume of water.

Water falls down the precipitous cliff, sending up thick fog. It looks like a roll of white silk. The falls shaking the whole valley with thunderous roar is really fantastic.

Under the falls there is the Kuryong Pond which was dug 13 metres deep by the falling water. The pond has a legend that once upon a time there lived nine dragons guarding Mt. Kumgang. Hence the names, Kuryong or Nine-Dragon Falls and Kuryong or Nine-Dragon Pond.


The Kuryong Falls was called one of the three famous waterfalls of Korea along with the Pagyon Falls and the Taesung Falls and one of the four famous waterfalls of Mt. Kumgang along with the Sibi Falls, the Pibong Falls and the Ogyong Falls. It was designated as a natural monument of Korea.

The visitors to Mt. Kumgang are said to be reluctant to leave the mountain without seeing the Kuryong Falls.

Today, too, foreign tourists as well as many Koreans visit it and enjoy a pleasant time.