A singular transformed pine is found in Hamhung City, South Hamgyong Province of Korea.

It has a rare shape and is of significance in the study of botany. It is over 450 years old. Its branches are about 35 degrees inclined from south to west. The tree is about 4.2 metres high and its root neck is about 2.2 metres round. The tree has branches on the height of 2.35 metres on its trunk, which forked, spreading erect about 8 metres from south to west even with the ground. One of the branches is about 0.95 metres round and the other about 0.8 metres round. The two branches gradually overhung the ground and spread 6 metres more sideways. The two branches have many twigs with green leaves on their ends, forming a beautiful tray-shaped crown which is about 13.6 metres across from east to west and about 13.8 metres from north to south.

This unique and rare pine has been designated as a living monument and is under protection.