The Ryongmun Cavern is a typical limestone cave of Korea. It was formed through dissolution and erosion of the limestone layer under the ground by groundwater about 480 million years ago.

The natural Ryongmun Cavern is at the foot of Mt. Ryongmun linked to Mt. Myohyang, a celebrated mountain of Korea.

The cavern has two trunks and many branches. A marvellous and mysterious scenery resembling an underground palace is found in the cavern which is tens of metres deep and whose total length is several kilometres.

The cavern has more than 20 attractions such as observatory, Manmuldong or Different Things, Phungnyondong or Bumper Harvest, Paekhwadong or All Flowers, Kumgang Palace, Paektumilyongdong or Secret Camp in Mt. Paektu and Ryongmun Plaza.

If you go to Manmuldong past the observatory showing the magnificence of the Ryongmun Cavern, you can see various stalactites such as the one in the shape of bamboo hat with a legend that it was used by the king only during his visit to a place and the one similar to a stone musical instrument that sounds when beaten, which is reminiscent of a museum.

Phungnyondong has a large stalagmite in the shape of stack formed with water dripping from the ceiling for many years. The stalagmite resembles a rich grain stack and so it is called Bumper Harvest Stack. At present it is about 12.5 metres round and about 4.5 metres high. It continues to grow.

You will reach the Paektumilyongdong via Paekhwadong with beautiful stone flowers in full bloom and the Kumgang Palace as fascinating as the world-famous Mt. Kumgang and as mysterious as the Dragon’s Palace in a myth. There is a stalagmite in the shape of juniper, which is about 2.8 metres high and about 2.16 metres round.

In Posokdong or Jewels you can see a spectacular stalactite reminiscent of an extra-large jewel chandelier. In the scenic spot called Heavenly Paradise you can see the rare Samsonam Falls falling from the place 30 metres high.

Ryongmun Plaza, the last attraction of the Ryongmun Cavern, covers an area of 3,600 square metres. The ceiling and walls of the plaza are decorated with stone flowers which have just begun to bloom.

Peculiar lighting facilities have been installed in every scenic spot of the Ryongmun Cavern, adding mysteriousness and beauty to the cavern. The air is also good in the Ryongmun Cavern. The temperature in the cavern is about 12 degrees centigrade both in summer and in winter. Not only the Korean people but also many foreigners enjoy themselves in the magnificent and marvellous Ryongmun Cavern.