Mt. Paektu rises in Samjiyon County, Ryanggang Province in the northern part of Korea. It is the highest mountain in Korea, 2,750 metres above the sea level.

Mt. Paektu was formed by volcanic eruption one million years ago. Water gathered in the crater and formed Lake Chon.

The girth of the lake is 14.4 kilometres, the area 9.16 square kilometres and the maximum depth 384 metres.

Sunrise is the most beautiful of the multifarious scenes of Mt. Paektu. Mysterious and thrilling is the sunrise dying the sheer cliffs and blue surface of Lake Chon red.

Mt. Paektu formed by several volcanic eruptions and evolution has very peculiar natural environment. On the top of the mountain Lake Chon is surrounded by steep peaks more than 2,000 metres above the sea level like a folding screen, presenting spectacular mountain scenes. Mt. Paektu is not only the coldest place in Korea, but also a place with most capricious climate. The sky with dark clouds clears up suddenly and rain abruptly turns into hail. So the climate of the region was called wonders of nature from ancient times. The flora and fauna of the area are also diverse. The ecological environment is different according to the regions with many rare and beneficial animals including sable, otter, tiger, leopard, musk deer and deer.

An indigenous plant of Mt. Paektu is the fragrant rhododendron blooming beautifully even in snow.

An endless virgin forest is unfolded below 2,000 metres, the limit line of the forest of Mt. Paektu. Plants are different according to the height. Climbing up the mountain, you can see most of the plants living in temperate, subfrigid and frigid zones.

“Monument to Dragon God”, a historical relic of the early 20th century, is standing on Mt. Paektu. At that time, Korea was doomed to ruin due to the invasion of the Japanese imperialists.

The monument represented the desire of the nation waiting for a great man to be produced by Mt. Paektu, who would bring eternal prosperity of the country and nation.

Embodying the desire of the nation, the great leader Kim Il Sung led the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle to victory in the area of Mt. Paektu and liberated Korea.

In the mountain, there is the old home of the great leader Kim Jong Il.

Ancestral Mt. Paektu is shining more brilliantly as the sacred mountain of the Korean revolution and sacred place of the Sun.