Kumgang minnow is a small freshwater fish belonging to the carp family.

It is about 7~8 centimeters long. The body is a little flat left and right sideways and long. The dorsal side is dark brown and pelvic side is light brown. A brownish red line is found on each side of the body.

Kumgang minnow resembles Phoxinus oxycephalus in the way of life as well as in appearance. It is characterized by living in shoal in clear and cold water of upper streams of mountainous area.

It spawns about 500~600 eggs from May to July.

The Kumgang brook flowing along a steep valley is a favorable region for minnow to live for its characteristics of a steep slope of bed and rapid current.

Its distribution zone is wide and its number is numerous. It is found in the rivers of valleys of Inner Kumgang and Outer Kumgang and in the upper streams of the Nam River and Pukhan River, Amnok River, the Taedong River and Taeryong River.

Kumgang minnow is of scientific significance as a special species of Korea.