Young Engine-Driver «젊은 기관사» - cover

Young Engine-Driver

«젊은 기관사»

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble
Translated lyrics

On the railroad tracks tinged with the sunset glow,

A young train driver drove the train, making a miraculous sound.

He bravely overcame the smoke and steered on through,

Even on that solemn day, he drove the train.


Thinking of his beloved hometown,

The young train driver fought on without a break.

To wash away the grief of fallen comrades,

He devoted himself to the cause with a burning heart.


Even if he traveled thousands of miles on the youthful journey,

He swore the Great Leader to fight with loyalty.


노을비낀 철길우에 젊은 기관사

기적소리 울리며 기차를 몰았네

포연을 헤쳐온 용감한 그 젊은이

준엄한 그날에도 기차를 몰았네


사랑하는 고향땅을 그리어보며

변함없이 싸워온 젊은 기관사

쓰러진 전우의 원한을 씻으려

뜨거운 가슴속에 맨세를 다졌네


피어린 천리길 만리를 간다해도

수령님께 다진 맹세 지키여 싸우리

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