We Love the Party Flag «우리는 당기를 사랑하네» - cover

We Love the Party Flag

«우리는 당기를 사랑하네»

Moranbong Band
Translated lyrics

1. We love the red Party flag of ardour

It burns our hearts like the morning sun

Its fluttering sounds intimate like the mother’s voice

It is the most precious flag in the world that gave us a beautiful life

With bright dreams and ideals

We have grown up under this flag

2. We live with the red Party Flag of guidance

It leads every step of life to glory

The flutter elates the breath of dignified life

The flag fuelled unquenchable fire of faith

Our hearts devoted to the revolution

Will beat under this flag

3. We defend the sacred red flag of the Party

We will link strong pulse of life only to its bosom

The flutter calls us to the future

When all our desire comes true

The flag shines like the sun

On the road of the single-minded unity

We will go generation after generation

To the end of the world following this flag

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