The Wonsan Air Festival-2016 took place in Wonsan City, Kangwon Province.

During the festival, colorful sports and cultural events were held. Among them were aeronautics of military and civil planes, home and foreign parachute players and fans’ parachute descending skill, remote controlled flight of model planes, sightseeing flight and music and dance performance

The festival was opened at Kalma Airport on Saturday.

Prior to the opening ceremony the participants laid a floral basket before the statues of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il in Wonsan City and paid tribute to them.

Present at the opening ceremony were First Vice-Chairman Yun Yong Sok and members the preparatory committee of the festival, air sports fans, working people in Wonsan City, David Thomson Rolands, president of the British Juche travel services who doubles as honorary vice-chairman of the preparatory committee of the festival, diplomatic envoys and embassy officials of different countries here and foreign guests.

At the end of the opening ceremony, there took place flight skills of military and civil planes.

The pilots presented flight skills such as horizontal flight, zooming, descending, corkscrew flight, lowest altitude flight and inverted flight while changing the speed at different altitude.

There took place an evening gala of youth and students to congratulate the successful festival at Haean Square in Wonsan City on Sunday evening.

Wonsan Air Festival – Photos: