Mansudae Street (Korean: 만수대거리) in Central District, Pyongyang was completed in a little over a year since the project started in July 2008. High levels of designing and construction were ensured in building all the apartments in the street. The exterior and interior of the structures and living-room furniture reflect well the Korean people’s emotion and aesthetic sense.

The old houses were pulled down and a new street of peculiar style was built, blending well with the magnificent buildings on the banks of the Pothong River. The street comprises folding screen-style, cylindrical and tiered apartment blocks in different sections, public buildings and service amenities.

Each flat includes a large living room and several rooms, which offer convenience of life to the dwellers including air conditioning. A kitchen, a dining room and a washroom are well equipped.

On the street you can find a nursery, clinic, kindergarten, dispensary and laundry.

Families in the old apartments, workers, educationists, scientists and artistes were given the new houses free of charge, as the housing in the DPRK is provided by the state.

Photos: Mansudae Street in Pyongyang City