Korean People's Army - Invincible Elite Revolutionary Army

With February 8 coming round, the Korean people remember in deep emotion the historic day when the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army was developed into the Korean People’s Army, a Juche-type revolutionary armed force, in Juche 37 (1948) and the columns of the military parade marched in fine arrays, rending the heaven and earth.

In the past the Korean nation, because it did not have strong national strength, was forced to leave the guard of its royal palace in the hands of a foreign army and even regard it as its miserable fate to be occupied militarily by Japanese imperialism and have its own army disbanded.

The centuries-old desire cherished by the Korean nation to have its powerful regular army to defend itself was realized by the great leader Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung organized the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army to wage a revolutionary struggle to win back the lost country and led the anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory, thereby achieving the historic cause of national liberation (August 15, 1945). After liberation, he advanced the line of building regular armed forces and wisely led the efforts for its implementation so as to prevent the Korean people from reducing to slaves of imperialists again.

Kim Il Sung reviewing the military parade of the Korean People’s Army [February Juche 37 (1948)]

Kim Il Sung reviewing the military parade of the Korean People’s Army [February Juche 37 (1948)]

Building regular armed forces in the liberated country was also an important requirement for reliably safeguarding the building of a new country by force of arms as well as defending the nation’s right to independence. Moreover, owing to the tense situation created by the United States that militarily occupied the southern part of Korea, reinforced its military troops and continuously committed military provocations, the regular army building was posed as a more urgent demand.

With a keen insight into the prevailing situation, Kim Il Sung set up the Pyongyang Institute and Central Security Officers School and ensured that a Juche-oriented military education system was established as required by modern warfare and the Korean revolution, in order to train a lot of military and political personnel to play a hardcore role in the regular revolutionary army. He also chose the site of a munitions factory, the first of its kind in the country, to establish a Juche-based defence industry, thus laying material and technical foundations for the building of a regular army.Under his energetic guidance Korea was able to found the Korean People’s Army, a genuine people’s army inheriting the glorious revolutionary traditions of the anti-Japanese armed struggle and regular armed force equipped with various arms and services and self-reliant munitions industry to cope with modern warfare, in such a difficult and complicated situation after the liberation.

The Korean People’s Army guaranteed more firmly the dignity and prestige of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as an independent sovereign state with a regular army of Juche and revolutionary characters.

It defeated the US imperialists and achieved a great victory in the Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950 – July 1953). Afterwards, it defended with credit the security of the socialist country and the well-being of the people from the continuous imperialists’ manoeuvres of aggression and war.

The Korean People’s Army built as regular revolutionary armed forces thanks to the leadership of Kim Il Sung was further developed into an invincible army under the Songun-based revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il. The KPA has become the army of the leader and the Workers’ Party of Korea, the army strong in ideas and faith, and the army equipped with modern means of attack and defence, and reliably defended the country, the revolution and socialism smashing every attempt of the US and other imperialists to stifle and isolate the DPRK.

Kim Jong Il  inspecting the KPA unit defending Cho Island, a frontline post on the West Sea of Korea

Kim Jong Il inspecting the KPA unit defending Cho Island, a frontline post on the West Sea of Korea

The heroic KPA is now fully demonstrating its might as a revolutionary army of the Party which advances, holding high the red flag of the WPK as its leading banner, sharing the Party’s ideology, drawing breath with it and keeping pace with it, and as an elite revolutionary army which is possessed of Juche-oriented combat methods and equipped with powerful nuclear deterrent and modern military hardware to resolutely frustrate all moves of aggression by the US imperialists. The credit goes to Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un inspecting a KPA navy unit [December Juche 103 (2014)]

Kim Jong Un inspecting a KPA navy unit [December Juche 103 (2014)]

Along with the history of the Korean People’s Army adorned with only victory and glory, February 8 will be remembered for ever.

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