• Excellence of Hunminjongum

    Hunminjongum is a unique Korean alphabet created in January 1444. At that time, it had 28 main characters including 17 consonants and 11 vowels. Hunminjongum means “correct pronunciation for teaching…

  • Territorial Unification by Koryo

    Koryo is a feudal state which existed between 918 and 1392 in the Korean history. The capital was Kaesong today. The founder was Wang Kon. He named his country Koryo…

  • Ri Sun Sin

    Ri Sun Sin (1545-1598) was a patriotic general who built Kobukson, or turtle ship, the first armored battleship in the world, and crushed the Japanese invaders. In the naval battle off…

  • Loach Soup, Special Food of Kaesong City​

    Loach soup boiled with bean curd is known as one of special foods of Kaesong City. Loach is rich in protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A and many other nutrients. For…

  • Historical Roots of the Workers’ Party of Korea

    An article by Ro Myong Sim October 17 this year is the 90th birthday of the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU). The DIU was formed with the young communists of the new…

  • Pongsan Mask Dance

    Pongsan mask dance, one of the folk dances in Korea, is famous in Pongsan area of North Hwanghae Province. The mask dance has its origin in music and dance played…

  • Ulmil Pavilion

    The Ulmil Pavilion stands in Central district, Pyongyang. It was first built in mid 6th century in the Koguryo dynasty (The first feudal state in Korea which existed from B.C. 277 to…

  • King’s Mausoleum Discovered in DPRK

    The mausoleum of Suk Jong, king of Koryo in the 15th generation, was recently discovered in Sonjok-ri, Kaesong City. A research group of the Korean National Heritage Preservation Agency, together…

  • Five–storeyed Pagoda at Pulil Temple

    The five-storeyed pagoda at the Pulil Temple is a stone tower, located in Pangjikdong, Kaesong City. Built during the time of Koryo dynasty (918– 1392), it (without its head) is 7.94 metres high.

  • Who Started the Korean War?

    Article showing the true intentions of Americans associated with the outbreak of the Korean War.

  • Phyohun Temple

    The Phyohun Temple is located in Naegumgang-ri, Kumgang County, Kangwon Province. It is known as one of the four renowned temples in Mt. Kumgang along with Jangan, Singye and Yujom temples.

  • Kimchi, One of World’s Five Health Foods

    Kimchi is one of the national dishes of Korea, which is tasty, nutritious and appetizing. Every Korean enjoys it. From olden times, Koreans never missed kimchi in the menu, even when rare dishes were prepared.

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