There is the Mausoleum of King Wang Kon in Kaesong City of the DPRK.

Wang Kon (877-943) is the founder of Koryo (918-1392), the first unified state in Korean history.

His mausoleum was splendidly reconstructed in Juche 83 (1994) under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Erected in front of the gateway to the mausoleum is a monument to its reconstruction bearing the President’s autograph.

The mausoleum, a typical Koryo-style earthen tomb with a stone chamber, is situated on the highest platform past the district of a temple for memorial service and a pavilion for the monument.

A plate stone bier is placed in the middle of the chamber and stands for remains are on the lower parts of the left and right walls. On the walls in the east, west and north, there are murals depicting pine tree and bamboo, etc.

The mound is 8 meters high and stone tigers are at four corners of the mausoleum. In front of the mausoleum, there are stone altar, stone post and stone lantern.

Standing along the platforms are stone sculptures depicting eight lieges who made contribution to the building of the unified state together with King Wang Kon.

A portrait of Wang Kon and murals showing his career are inside the temple for memorial service.

The mausoleum is well preserved as a precious historical relic telling the glorious history of building the unified state.