Loach soup boiled with bean curd is known as one of special foods of Kaesong City.

Loach is rich in protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A and many other nutrients.

For having good effects of warming up the body and protecting the liver, the loach soup has been considered as a tonic among Kaesong citizens from long ago.

When visiting Kaesong City in September Juche 61 (1972), President Kim Il Sung said the Kaesong people have liked loach soup and instructed to find out more special foods of Kaesong and serve them to the people.

Thanks to his loving care for the people, a loach soup restaurant was built in the center of the Kaesong city.

The loach soup is highly appreciated by not only the local people but also overseas Koreans and foreigners for its peculiar taste, flavor and nutritive value.