Koryo (June 918-1392) founded by Wang Kon was the first unified state of the Korean nation.

After its foundation, Koryo merged with three neighboring cognate Kingdoms, thus opening up the way for the unified development of the nation for the first time in the history of Korea.

Koryo was taking the cultural precedence over the then neighboring countries in the middle ages.

It can be well evidenced by its high astrology and meteorology, invention of metal type, creation of new ceramic technique, manufacture of gunpowder and gunpowder weapons and advanced shipbuilding, paper-making and weaving technologies.

In particular, Koryo porcelain is still regarded as treasure throughout the world for its beautiful emerald greenness, elegant inlay and fresh shape.

Metal types recently unearthed at Manwoltae, the site of Koryo royal palace, in Kaesong show well the wisdom of the Korean nation which invented the metal type for the first time in the world and developed the publishing.

Indeed, Koryo was not only the first unified state of the Korean nation, but also the one to be proud of over the world for its brilliant culture.

President Kim Il Sung in his lifetime had exerted himself to glorify the time-honored history of the Korean nation.

The President saw to it that the mausoleum of King Wang Kon was splendidly reconstructed to be worthy of a national treasure, praising him for founding the first unified state of the Korean nation. And he personally wrote the epitaph “Monument to the Reconstruction of Mausoleum of King Wang Kon, Founder of Koryo”.