Kang Kam Chan was a general of the Koryo Dynasty which existed between 918 and 1392.

From his childhood he was fond of study, resourceful, honest and simple and had no selfish interests and desires. He was small-built yet determined and strict. Researcher Choe Chun Guk at the History Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences, says:

“Distinguished resources of General Kang Kam Chan were fully displayed in battles against aggressors. Fierce fight fought on the Kuju Plain under his command destroyed many enemy troops who invaded Koryo and led the war to final victory. This victorious battle is called a ‘great victory in Kuju’ in history.” The “great victory in Kuju” was won by dealing a crushing blow to the aggressors through large encircling operation in February 1019. The enemy who had intruded deep into Koryo had to retreat owing to strong resistance of the Koryo people and soldiers, when they passed Kuju. Under the command of General Kang Kam Chan the main force of the Koryo army took up a position on the field in front of Kuju before firing a volley of catapult at the enemy. The advance of the enemy troops was suspended and a fierce battle fought between both sides. Just at the time the following unit of the Koryo army arrived to press hard upon the enemy’s rear. The enemy camp was in a great confusion and tens of thousand enemy’s cavalry began to flee to the open northern direction. The Koryo army chased the enemy on the run and a great annihilating battle was fought in the section of 20 kilometres.

A unit chased the enemy and another unit took a shorter way for flank attack. After all, the enemy ranks were cut to pieces and annihilated. The enemy corpses covered the field and great number of troops, horses, armours, helmets and weapons were captured. Of 100,000, only thousands of enemy troops survived the battle.

Along with the “great victory in Kuju”, Kang Kam Chan was written in history as a famous general.