It was built on July 25, 2013 to mark the 60th anniversary of victory in the Fatherland Liberation War. Total area of the cemetery is 200 000 square meters.


In front of the cemetery, there are gateposts of three-figure group of sculptures with a fluttering party and national flags as their background and figures “1950” and “1953”(period of the war)inscribed on them.

After passing through the gates, visitors can see a monument to proposition of President Kim Il Sung that the heroic and immortal exploits made by the soldiers and officers of the Korean People’s Army will be inscribed forever by golden letters in the revolutionary history of the Korean people and will be carried on from generation to generation.

There is also a memorial poem, dedicated to fallen fighters and sculptures depicting the heroic struggle of the People’s Army soldiers. The Memorial Tower of the People’s Army Martys shows the rifle, bayonet, national flag and the medal of the Hero of the Republic. It represents in a peculiar art style formative idea that the country, happiness, future and the final victory is guaranteed by weapons.

The semicular area of the cemetery contains graves of more than 500 fallen fighters in 9 levels, arranged by date of death.

On the tombstones there are stone photographs of martys, engraved medals of the Hero of the DPRK, their names, date of birth and date of death.