Hunminjongum is a unique Korean alphabet created in January 1444. At that time, it had 28 main characters including 17 consonants and 11 vowels.

Hunminjongum means “correct pronunciation for teaching the people”. It is the most developed alphabet with excellent advantages. The excellence of Hunminjongum is, first of all, that it is a set of developed type of alphabetic characters. The types of characters of the world include pictograph, ideogram, phonogram and others.

The phonogram is divided into syllabic and alphabetic characters. Of them the alphabetic characters are most complete. Hunminjongum represents all syllables well as it was made on the basis of the deep survey and study of the correlation between sounds and characters and the consonants and vowels of the Korean language.

It can write almost all sounds of words of any country of the world. As for such characteristic of Hunminjongum, its creators said “it can write all sounds of the world”.

Another excellence of Hunminjongum is that it is based on a scientific principle. It was made on a unique principle of modelling on the shapes of vocal organs of man. The main characters were modelled on the shapes of the tongue, lips, throat and other vocal organs changing when they make sounds and on that basis, the derivative characters were also made systematically.

In the history of the development of the world characters few characters were made on such a scientific principle as Hunminjongum, the unique alphabet of the Korean nation. Hunminjongum has many other advantages. It is easy to learn and convenient to write. Ancient Koreans said “a clever man can learn Hunminjongum overnight and even a dull man in ten days”. Foreign linguists commented: “If the civilization of a nation is to be measured by spoken and written language, Korea will take the first place on the earth. Hunminjongum is simple and strong in expressive power.”

Many linguists and experts in information science of the world admit the Korean alphabet as the most ideal world common characters or common computer characters.

It is a great pride of the Korean nation to have Hunminjongum which can write the Korean and any other languages of the world and express human feelings and emotions vividly and is advantageous to record linguistic information.