Calori-puncture is a precious heritage that the Korean nation created and has developed through medical treatment from long ago.

Recorded in three old books on Koryo medicine “Hyangyakjipsongbang”, “Uibangryuchwi” and “Tonguibogam” are details about calori-puncture.

The calori-puncture is one of acupunctures to cure illness by pricking focal fields or regions for acupuncture with heated needle and taking it out in a moment.

It has been widely applied to practical treatment for having the curative values of both acupuncture and moxibustion.

With the steady betterment in the quality and shape of its tools, good achievements have been made in treating various diseases that even modern medicine regards as incurable.

Thanks to the healthcare policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea to combine the Koryo medicine with modern medicine, such Koryo therapies as calori-puncture have been positively accepted for the improvement of people’s health.

The calori-puncture was registered as a national intangible heritage.