Mt. Kuwol is standing in the central western part of Korea. Habitat of water deer is found on the southern slope of Mt. Kuwol, one of the six celebrated mountains of Korea.

The low foothill with water deer is a hilly terrain with gentle gradient, where short trees and shrubs are growing. Water deer, a breed of deer, is a special subspecies of Korea. In the daytime they lie on their belly in a bush or in a hollow place and move in the morning and in the evening. It is rare to see the water deer completely get out of the area of their activities.

The water deer looks similar to roe deer but is much smaller than the latter. The male water deer has no antler and instead, it has upper canines down out of the lips. Especially the water deer is easily distinguished from the roe deer, as the former has no clear white pattern around its buttocks.

Usually the water deer fawns 2 to 3 young at a birth and 6 at maximum, which is the greatest number of a litter in the family of deer. Water deer of Mt. Kuwol registered as a living monument of Korea is actively protected and multiplied.