Jumping seesaw is a unique folk game of Korea, in which two persons on both ends of a long plank on a wooden support in the middle jump up and down alternatively.

It has a long tradition.

It is said that women who were not allowed to go out freely due to feudal fetters put a plank at the fence to jump up in order to look out.

Jumping seesaw had different methods according to localities at that time.

Its facility is simple, and it does not need a wide space but has a simple method. So all women ranging from girls to middle-aged women can enjoy it.

Jumping seesaw is played usually for two minutes in the form of straight jumping, jumping by turns and jumping with feats. Generally, in jumping seesaw, such technical actions as jumping up, posture in the air and landing are performed repeatedly. Jumping seesaw contest is held in various forms.

Its result is decided by giving points to a person who jumps higher and more beautifully within the set time.

During the jumping seesaw contest the players have to wear Korean skirt and jacket, belts and suitable shoes according to the national tradition.

The jumping seesaw becoming to the sentiments of the vigorous and optimistic Korean women is actively encouraged today, too.