Knee bout is a folk game of Korea. In the game a player has to hold one bent knee with hand and push his opponent out of a certain area or push him down while hopping.

The game is played by two or by two teams with several players each, either individually or collectively.

The game will be lost if one is pushed out of the certain area or falls down or releases his hand from the bent knee.

When playing the game one by one, if one of a team loses the game, another one from his team comes out for a bout with the winner. In this way the bout goes on. When all of a team are beaten, another team becomes winner.

Any place can be chosen for the game in conformity with the characteristics of the players. The game is also played as team event in which every player competes with one of the opposing team without a certain area.

The knee bout can be easily played regardless of time and place and it is good for the physical training of children.