An art performance was given by the Korean People’s Army (KPA) Song and Dance Ensemble at the Ponghwa Art Theatre Wednesday.

Among the audience were Kim Yong Nam, Pak Pong Ju and other senior party, state and army officials, the chairperson of a friendly party, officials of party and armed forces organs, the Cabinet, working people’s organizations, ministries and national institutions and officials of institutions, industrial establishments and universities, persons of merits and youths and students in Pyongyang.

The performance began with “July 27 March” and “Song of Proud Guards Units”. Put on the stage were colorful numbers such as male solo “In Three Years of War” and chorus “Cantata to Marshal Kim Il Sung” and “Respects to Victors of Great Age.”, “Our Dear Marshal”, chorus “Revolutionary Armed Forces Upholds Leadership of Marshal Only”.

Performance will be broadcasted in the Korean Central Television on Thursday at 20:53 Pyongyang Time.


Based on: KCNA