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How can we live long in roaring health? – Almost everyone has such question in his or her mind. A scientiific diet is a fair working soulution to this question. What and how we eat is a fundamental factor for people’s health and long life, but also constitutes one of the major problems in human life.

Recently, as the desire of man for health and longevity is growing day by day, different types of superfoods are becoming more popular among the masses for their value as a healthy food. Korean traditional dish – Kimchi occupies a protuberant place in the world foodstuffs for its special efficency.

Kimchi nutritional values

20150201-k2-03-1Kimchi is widely known around the world as a typical native Korean dish. It is highlighted everywhere in the world – in the East and in the West. Its special nutritive, physiological, pharmaceutical and favorite value has brought such a worldwide prevalence.

Kimchi is high nutritive. It has various kinds of vitamins such as vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, A (carotene) and E. In particular, it is high in vitamin C the human body requires much. The vitamins B1, B2 and B12 which the ingredients of kimchi do not have, or have low levels,  form newly or increase in quantity during its maturing. Moreover, Kimchi contains Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and other mineral matters. It is an alkaline foodstuff, which secures the acid-alkaline equilibrium in human body. Kimchi, a source of lactic acid, inhibits the action of harmful germs in the intestines and promotes the growth of useful normal microorganism. The vitamins and minerals of kimchi promote metabolism and are good for the nervous system.


Kimchi, a preventer of acidification of humors, is efficacious for the cure and prevention of acidosis. The edible fibres of kimchi help digestion and are effective for preventing constipation and arteriosclerosis. Kimchi is also helpful to digestion and absorption of food. The different spices in kimchi quicken the secreting of digestive fluid, tempt one’s appetite and promote urination together with lactic acid and other organic acids and carbon dioxide. Besides, it is known that kimchi is efficacious for the treatment and prevention of some diseases. The elements of kimchi prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis and obesity, improve one’s sight, promote the secreting of digestive fluid and perform the actions of anti-allergy, adjusting body-weight and beautifying one’s figure. As aforesaid, being so high nutritive, tasty and multifunctional, kimchi is a flawless nutritive foodstuff and specific remedy for one’s health and longevity. In many cases, nutritive value of food, its pharmaceutical effects and functions of foods are apt to the values of the food ingredients used in it, but kimchi finds a unique worthiness rather in its processed goods than in its ingredients.

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