In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea there are many players demonstrating the honour of the country with gold medals. Among them are Pak Yong Mi and Kang Kum Song of the Pyongyang Sports Team.

Pak Yong Mi started her career at the Pyongyang Sports Team in her teens. One year later she came off winner in a national game, drawing attention of the wrestling experts.

Having started to distinguish herself in wrestling, she took the first place in the 2013 Asian Wrestling Championship and proved successful in a number of international games as well.

Pak Yong Mi took part in the women’s 53-kilogram event of the 2018 Asian Wrestling Championship and fully displayed the wrestling technique she had improved with her persistent efforts in everyday training. She defeated all her rivals and became winner and thus held the double Asian wrestling championship.

Kang Kum Song learned wrestling at the juvenile sports school of the Pyongyang Sports Team and is now a wrestler of the team.

He came first in the men’s 57-kilogram freestyle wrestling of the Championship of the Republic last year.

He took part in the adult event for the first time, but displayed high physical and technical ability he practised in everyday training and thus became winner in the 57-kilogram event of the 2018 Asian Wrestling Championship.

Now they are training harder towards a new victory and towards world championship with a resolve to forcefully demonstrate the honour of the country.