In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, many women devote themselves to scientific researches for the development of medical science of the country.

Among them is Kim Hwa Suk, researcher of the Kim Man Yu Hospital.

She explored the field of blood purification treatment and applied it to the clinical practice for the first time in the country. She graduated from today’s Pyongyang Medical College of Kim Il Sung University and started her career at the Kim Man Yu Hospital 30 years ago.

The medical workers of the hospital cast envious eyes to her who graduated from the college with honours. Everybody thought that she would become a renowned doctor in the clinical field as she had outstanding ability.

But she decided to become a researcher and devoted her wisdom and passion to the study of blood purification treatment. She set a goal of developing a new treatment method of adsorbing and removing only pathogenic substances and intensified her researches. It was not easy to establish the treatment method and there were many difficulties.

Kim Hwa Suk knew better than anybody else the importance of her researches in putting the medical science and technology of the country on a world level.

Her researches were one of the frontiers of the clinical treatment at that time. So she lacked reference documents and had no experts to get help from.

The specific manipulation method of applying adsorbent to the blood induced out of the human body could not be completed without clinical examination of patients.

She devoted herself to the researches without hesitation as she knew that she could not develop a popularized manipulation method if she valued her life alone. She visited many medical institutions to complete the most rational manipulation method. Thanks to her painstaking efforts, the treatment manipulation method by blood adsorbent was successful.

The new treatment manipulation method for blood purification is making an active contribution to the medical services thanks to the devoted efforts of the ordinary medical woman.

Researcher Kim Hwa Suk says.

“Our success in the researches is just the beginning. In the future, we will develop and complete superior treatment methods on the basis of the success and thus make better contribution to the promotion of the people’s health.”