At the Sadong District Hospital in Pyongyang City, there is a doctor who has gained a reputation for her high medical practice and utmost devotion to her patients – Doctor Jong Ok Ju. She has cured many patients, including a woman with a chronic disease who had trouble with kitchen chores, but was completely recovered after receiving treatment from Dr. Jong. The doctor’s sincerity and dedication is so great that she not only calls her patients to have check-ups, but also makes frequent phone calls to inquire about any abnormal symptoms even after treatment.

Dr. Jong’s devotion to her patients is matched by her passion for medical research. She has spent years studying and developing new therapies for women’s diseases, even facing difficulties that no one had tried before. Her efforts have resulted in a new therapy of Korean style, which has raised the effectiveness in treating various women’s diseases and overcoming abnormal symptoms that occurred during treatment in the past.

Despite her success, Dr. Jong remains humble, believing that both utmost devotion and high medical qualifications are important for medical workers to achieve good results. She continues to inspire her colleagues and patients alike with her unwavering commitment to the health and wellbeing of her community.