The Komdok Mining Complex in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is increasing productivity by dint of science and technology.

It has recently built an electric power- and labour-saving pneumatic flotation machine at Dressing Plant No. 3 with its own strength and technology, which proves greatly effective.  The officials and workers of the Dressing Plant are making positive efforts to raise the actual flotation rate under the guidance of leading officials of the complex, deeply conscious of the importance of their task in implementing the new strategic line of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Using the pneumatic flotation machine, the workers are saving a lot of labour and reagents while halving the power consumption per hour as against before.

The operators are doing proper equipment and technical management while overcoming all the bottlenecks and difficulties by fully displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and self-development. The officials of the Dressing Plant are further supplementing and perfecting the equipment and supplying different kinds of accessories in line with the operation of the new pneumatic flotation machine. They also pay special attention to raising the technical knowledge and skills of the machinists and operators. They organize technical study and technical learning on a regular basis, so that the employees can skilfully operate their machines and equipment.

The officials and workers of the Komdok Mining Complex, confirming in practice that the key to revitalization of production lies in science and technology, are putting greater spurs to the production of the nonferrous minerals which would be conducive to the economic development of the country.