The history of the Korean revolution is that of comradeship. It is the firm will of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un to accomplish with comradeship the revolutionary cause of Juche which started and triumphed with it. One day in March Juche 101(2012), Kim Jong Un set out on the road to see the service personnel on Cho Islet.

That day a marine warning was reported. It was difficult to keep balance on a ship due to the cutting northwester and raging waves. Officials dissuaded him from leaving for fear of his personal safety. Saying he never minds such a weather, however, he hurried his way to the islet aboard a ship. When the ship arrived on the islet through the raging waves, the service personnel raised stormy cheers, looking up to him who had come to inspect the far and rugged Cho Islet Defence Detachment. Kindly pressing the hands of service personnel of the detachment, Kim Jong Un gave instructions on further fortifying their combat-positions and posed for a picture together with them.

Looking round different places of the islet that day, he took warm care of the life of the service personnel of the detachment and highly estimated them as true patriots devoting their all to the well-being of the country and people.

He finished his field guidance after a long lapse of lunchtime and before leaving, earnestly said to the commanding officers that he places the Cho Islet in their charge and they should take good care of the soldiers.

Like this Kim Jong Un showed warm love and affection to the service personnel of the islet and continued his field guidance, and the service personnel saw him off for a long time.