Love and affection are dispositions of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un. His humanity touches the heartstrings of all people.

After Changjon Street was built on the bank of the River Taedong in Pyongyang, Kim Jong Un called on people living in the new street in September Juche 101(2012).

Changjon Street in Pyongyang

Photo: Changjon Street in Pyongyang

Among them who saw him at the new flats that day was the family of Jang Sun Nyo, postwoman of the Kyongsang Branch of the Pyongyang Post Office. Seating her second son Pak Hun on his laps, Kim Jong Un asked him which school he was attending and how old he was.

Dropping in at the children’s room, he saw a picture drawn by Pak Hun and kindly taught how to complete the picture. He also met her eldest son Pak Won and encouraged him to become a good footballer in the future.

Kim Jong Un also called on the family of Weaver Heroine Mun Kang Sun.

With a bright smile on his face he looked round the rooms and the kitchen and stopped walking before the pictures taken with the great leader Kim Jong Il on a wall, the pictures regarded by the owners of the house as a family treasure.

Saying they are really happy, Kim Jong Un wished them a happy future. And he sat face to face with the couple, poured a toast and had a picture taken with them.

Before leaving the house, he gave housewarming gifts to them. He looked like their father.

The Korean people are a happy people with Kim Jong Un as the father of a large harmonious family.