In Korea young people are firmly trusted and put forward as a vital unit of the times and valued as pillars of the future to take prosperous Korea upon themselves.

Today the Korean youth movement is ushering in the golden age under the wise guidance of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Men’s football finals of the Mangyongdae Prize Sports Contest took place in the capital city Pyongyang in April Juche 102(2013). The finals became more enthusiastic as they were held in the presence of Kim Jong Un.

While enjoying the finals, Kim Jong Un kindly asked a leading official of the Central Committee of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League if the youth league sports team had a football event.

Hearing that there wasn’t football event, he felt sorry and said that football is a symbolic event of sports and that the youth league will play football well.

He said it would be good to name the football team to be newly organized in the youth league sports team “Hwaebul”(Torchlight) and encouraged the youth league to show its mettle in playing football.

Some time later, he, though busy with state affairs, read a letter sent by football players and coaches of the sports team and sent his kind autographic letter which reads:

“Become undying ‘torchlight’ in raising the hot wind of playing football across the country! Kim Jong Un, July 24, 2013″ Hwaebul(Torchlight) symbolizes youth in Korea.

It was a meaningful word with great trust of Kim Jong Un wishing the youth to become fierce torchlight which gives vigour to the whole country in all fields including sports.

In August Juche 102(2013), Kim Jong Un watched men’s football match between the newly-organized Hwaebul Team and the April 25 Team.

He gave confidence to the players of the Hwaebul Team. When the team kicked a goal, he was pleased before others and praised the players for their good match.

Saying the footballers of the Hwaebul Team played the match specially well, he personally went to the football ground to have a picture taken with them who won the match.

That day he emphasized that when the spirit of the youth responding to the call of the party is high, the whole country can seethe and our revolution make a more powerful advance.

Kim Jong Un‘s great love for and trust in young people are the motive force to bring them up as successors to the revolutionary cause of Juche and as reliable vanguard fighters of the party.