The U.S. is making all efforts to realize “closely interlocked all-out pressure diplomacy toward the DPRK”, stirring up the whole world.

Through the “diplomacy”, the U.S. envisages making other countries cut off or cut down political, diplomatic, economic and military relations with the DPRK with a view to totally blockading it and making it yield. Mobilized for such moves are all those in power ranging from the present White House boss to vice-president, state secretary and even assistant state secretary. The U.S. is thinking of the whole world to be involved in it, to say nothing of the regional big powers and even small islands.

It is threatening the international community to choose between north Korea and the U.S. This is a stop-gap measure and the last-ditch efforts of those who sustained repeated setbacks in the political and military stand-off with the DPRK.

The U.S. styling itself the “world’s only superpower” seems to have fallen into an awkward situation as it requests even a small island in the Pacific, a country which it did not take any notice of in the ordinary days, to join in the anti-DPRK sanctions and pressure campaign.

If the U.S. acts are truly legitimate and fair and understandable by the international community, it would be needless for it to request or threaten other countries by mobilizing not only all its ambassadors but also the president and the state secretary.

The U.S. is openly threatening to put sanctions on those countries which do not come out for implementing “sanctions resolution”. This proves the illegality and absurdity of the U.S. anti-DPRK sanctions and pressure campaign.

The U.S. has now faced strategic inferiority in the DPRK-U.S. stand-off. It is now trying to inveigle other countries into the sanctions and pressure campaign and use them as shields and accomplices for averting the catastrophic disaster approaching it.

But the U.S. blackmail diplomacy can never work on sensible countries though it may work on a few riff-raffs who are afraid of the might of the boss of the international gangsters or eager for a few dollars.

It is quite natural that not only the international community but even those in the U.S. deride the Trump group’s pressure diplomacy against the DPRK and they comment “that will prove ineffective.”

No matter how desperately the U.S. may resort to all sorts of gimmicks to form a network of blockade against the DPRK, it can never check the advance of the just cause of Juche Korea nor can it stop international support and solidarity with the DPRK from increasing.

Those countries aligning themselves with the U.S., yielding to it, will regret their acts of blindly kowtowing to the modern-day gangsters’ empire.