In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea holiday camps are built in scenic places and spa areas to improve people’s health.

In April last year a holiday camp for farmers was newly built in Tongnim County, North Phyongan Province, in a sunny place at Ryongganbawigol adjacent to Mt Munsu, the highest one in the county. The holiday camp is composed of the building for holidaymakers, park, wading pool, shower bath, resting place, and boating ground, amply furnished with service and cultural facilities necessary for summer and winter vacations.

Farmers pose for a souvenir picture of their merry holiday camping.

Farmers pose for a souvenir picture of their merry holiday camping.

The agricultural workers in the county enjoy their holidays, playing table tennis and volleyball and other sports and amusement games. Particularly impressive holidaymaking for them is that they enjoy skating in winter and swimming, shower and boating in summer.

They go a sightseeing tour to the Tongnim Falls known as one of the eight scenic wonders in the northwestern part of Korea, to admire beautiful scenery and take shower for their health improvement and physical fitness.

In the library of the camp they read agricultural science books and other references and share their experience in farming.

The holidaymakers spend merry days at the camp, thanks to kind services of the camp’s staff who are exerting themselves to provide farmers with every convenience in their life and please their tastes with vegetables, meat and eggs produced at the greenhouse, livestock farming and other supplyservice bases.

After their 15-day holidaymaking, the agricultural workers leave the holiday camp, firmly resolved to bring about innovations in farming and thus contribute to making the country prosperous.