In August Juche 104(2015) the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the venue of farm machine exhibition with intent to further strengthen the material and technical foundation of agriculture.

Displayed at the venue of the exhibition were many farm machines and accessories including the machines for rice transplantation, soil management, sowing and cultivation, harvest and thrashing and livestock feed processing manufactured by a number of factories.

Looking at various kinds of farm machines, accessories and small farm implements on display, Kim Jong Un learned in detail about their performances and technical specifications.

And he praised the relevant industrial establishments and co-op farms for having invented and manufactured different farm machines, accessories and small farm implements by fully displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance.

He said it is necessary to produce a greater number of modern farm machines and accessories and send them to the countryside in order to make a breakthrough of the agricultural front in the struggle for economic construction and improvement of the people’s living.

It was the lifelong desire of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il to realize the comprehensive machanization of agriculture and thus free the agricultural workers from difficult and hard labour, he said and called for turning out as one to bring the intention of the great leaders into brilliant reality.

He stressed that it is important to realize Juche-orientation in the production of farm machines and it is more important to invent and manufacture the multipurpose farm machines suited to the natural, geographical and local features of Korea and the constitution of Koreans by dint of our strength and technology. And he indicated specific ways for the purpose.

Afterwards, those in the agricultural field gave priority to the design of farm machines and especially, directed great efforts to designing the automatic, semi-automatic and manual farm machines while having a good understanding of the world trend of farm machine production and proactively introducing the advanced technology.

They also launched an intensive drive to modernize the farm machine and accessory producers.

Today the farm machines including tractors produced with our own strength and technology are running on the cooperative fields of Korea.