The machine industry serves as the foundation for economic development and technological progress. Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un recognizes this fact and is devoting tireless efforts to develop the machine industry of the country. In July 2018, he visited a machine-building factory to learn about its production and praised the efforts made to modernize and maintain the production processes and equipment.

He urged the officials, workers, and technicians of the factory to strengthen their cooperation to promote mass technical innovation and to persistently push ahead with all work, closely combining production and science and technology. His vision is for the factory to produce mechanical products that demand high technology.

Comrade Kim Jong Un presented tasks and methods to build the factory into a leading machine-building base. He personally followed up on the progress of the factory’s remodeling and inspired technicians to perfect a new type of tractor, which he test drove and praised for being well made according to the constitution of the Korean people.

Under his energetic guidance, the first-stage goal for remodeling the Kumsong Tractor Factory was attained, laying a reliable foundation for the mass production of highly-efficient tractors and farm machines, and creating a major base for the development of the vehicle machine industry of the country.

In the future, the machine industry of Korea will continue to develop into an industry with a firm foundation, and one that promotes development and creativity.