There are many cartoon films popular among Korean children. Out of them the “The Hedgehog defeats the Tiger” is an animation based on the fable told by the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il in his school days.

The animation goes as follows:

Long, long ago there was a match in a forest deciding the strongest. A tiger calling himself a “king of forest” swaggers about hollering nobody will be able to subdue him.

A hedgehog sets himself up against the tiger. The angry tiger flings his fore paw upon the hedgehog to crush it with at a stroke. The hedgehog flies on the bridge of the tiger’s nose and pricks it with its quills, when the tiger in a swoon shrieks and runs off. Fully stupefied, the tiger takes a chestnut bur for a hedgehog and trembling begs it for mercy.

It is an animation for children, but full of suggestions to the public. In present world the United States styling itself the only superpower is indulging in the high-handedness and despotism in the world arena. It violates the basic principles of the international relations in public and tramples the right of independence and existence of the countries and nations in cold blood.

There is no country in the world except for socialist Korea which courageously stands up against the United States indulging in the nuclear threats and inhuman acts of sanctions and pressure.

The US president Trump threatened Korea going to the extreme of forcibly issuing the re-designation of the “terror-supporting nation” to top off trumpeting even the “complete destruction” and “extermination” of Korea in the UN arena. However, it only added all the more to the wrath and will of reprisal of the Korean people.

Though small in size of the land and population, Korea skyrocketed to a state of a nuclear and ICBM-possessor nation in the true sense of the word. Indeed, Korea reminds of the hedgehog defeating the tiger. The Czech branch of the Friendship Association with Korea declared: Korea is a symbol of justice clearly showing how the world progressive people put up fight against the United States, the source of all evils. The struggle of the Korean people for firmly defending the peace of the Korean peninsula and the world in the face of the barbarous acts of the US will add luster to the history of mankind.