In Korea there are many people honestly devoting themselves to the afforestation with ardent patriotism.

Among them is Kim Jong Su, ranger of the Kangdong County Forestry Management Station in the capital city of Pyongyang. Jon Sol Hui working together with him says:

“Ranger Kim Jong Su always says to us that success in the afforestation lies not in how many trees have been planted but in how many trees are growing. And he leads all of us with his example to devote our pure conscience to the forest creation, protection and management.

Whenever I see him, I take off my hat and make a firmer resolve to live an honourable life as he does.” One spring day 18 years ago a demobilized officer was climbing up a rugged mountain in the Songga area of Kangdong County, shedding sweat. He was Kim Jong Su who returned home after demobilization.

After he became a ranger, he directed primary efforts to creating nurseries in the clearings of woods which can increase the rooting rate of trees. On the basis of a detailed survey of the topographical features and forests of the region under his charge, he selected suitable sites for the nurseries and confirmed the species of trees necessary for the afforestation. In this way he made full preparations to produce saplings.

In those days seeds of trees were sufficiently secured and sources of manure actively found out and used and thus sapling production was promoted. And advanced sapling production methods were actively introduced and the area of nurseries in the clearings of woods expanded stage by stage, laying a firm foundation to produce more saplings.

With a resolve to wonderfully build up his home village into a good place to live in which is thick with green woods Ranger Kim Jong Su has created forests in a scientific way according to the regional characteristics and the biological features of trees. He has paid special attention to protecting and managing the already-created forests, constantly climbing up and down the mountains in the woodland under his charge, rain or shine.

Thanks to his devoted efforts to the forest creation, protection and management, hundreds of hectares of the forests in the Songga area have become thick with green woods.

Ranger Kim Jong Su says:

“In the future I will create the forests in a more prospective way and turn the forests in the area under my charge into a golden mountain and treasure mountain. And I will grow more saplings and send them to the surrounding areas so that the mountains in the area can be thick with green woods.”