Ri Sun Yong, Chief of the Minhung Kindergarten in Moranbong District, Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is an educator who has brought up many distinguished little calligraphers.

From her childhood she was interested in handwriting by a brush and was called a rare wonder girl in calligraphy already during her primary school days.

It was the primary school teachers that found and developed her talent even her parents had not known. Under their concern, Ri Sun Yong steadily developed her talents. Seeing the grateful teachers, she came to have a simple dream to become a teacher when she grew up in the future. One day during her university days, she saw on television the great leader Kim Jong Il expressing great satisfaction, seeing the calligraphy and picture of children at the Ponbu Kindergarten in Sinuiju City.

She made up her mind to bring up excellent little calligraphers. So she became a kindergarten teacher and devoted her wisdom and passion to finding out the talents of children in bud and developing them.

She has good judgment of discerning the latent talents and high qualifications of fully developing it. She would correctly distinguish the talents of children and make an active use of different and peculiar teaching methods according to the children’s psychology, character and development speed, not through a simple repeated training or practice. Especially she paid attention lest the children lose interest.

Her devoted efforts were not in vain. More than 30 children she brought up presented collections of calligraphic works to the great leader Kim Jong Il and the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un to their pleasure and won the special grade and first place in national contests on several occasions. Ri Sun Yong says: “I want the children to enjoy all affection shown by our grateful socialist system. I will train a greater number of good talents as a gardener cultivating the future of the country.”