March 21 this year is the 44th anniversary of the proclamation of the law on complete abolition of the tax system in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Since then, world people call Korea “the only tax-free country”.

Korea had taken measures to lighten the tax burden of the people step by step already before the proclamation of the law.

As the abolition of the tax system was raised as an important historical task, the system of the agricultural tax in kind was abolished in Juche 55(1966).

Later, the historic Law on “Completely Abolishing the Tax System” was adopted at the 3rd Session of the 5th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK held on March 21, Juche 63(1974) and Korea became the only tax-free country in the world, making the Korean people tax-free.

The Korean people are leading a happy life thanks to the popular policies of the state increasing day by day.

The state provides the working people with dwelling houses gratis and ensures that everybody learns to the heart’s content and constantly promotes his or her health under the benefits of the free education system and the free medical care system.

Modern service establishments have been built everywhere, providing the people with all conditions to enjoy the highest civilization at the highest level.

Really boundless are the state benefits for the Korean people who know nothing about taxes.

That is why all the Korean people regard the motherland as the whole of their life and consider it their greatest happiness to devote themselves to the grateful motherland.