Korea’s construction is now in its heyday thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s guidance. Typical examples are the renovation of Samjiyon City, the construction of the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort and that of the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and Tree Nursery, which were all completed in December last year.

Ideal City for the People…

Samjiyon City is the hometown of Chairman Kim Jong Il. So the Korean people regard it as their noble moral obligation to develop the city better and better to be admired for all ages.

In December Juche 106 (2017), during his inspection of the then Samjiyon County in Ryanggang Province, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un pointed out the mistakes in conducting the first-stage project of the development of the county—which had been done in a passive, makeshift way and in an insincere manner. He instructed that the county development project should be done in a brand-new and big way so as to turn it into a fine example of mountainous county bearing a concentration of modern civilization.

Samjiyon City – Aerial View

Later the Supreme Leader solved all problems arising in the project from the formation of a strong construction unit to the supply of equipment, materials and fund, and inspected relevant construction sites several times, giving scrupulous guidance to the builders so that they could complete the project of the county town on the highest possible level.

A bird’s-eye view of Samjiyon.

A bird’s-eye view of Samjiyon.

True to his plan and guidance, the Korean people turned the area into an ideal community in a little over two years.

The city represents a fine combination of national identity, modern features and local characteristics with the main road in front of the statue of Chairman Kim Jong Il as the central axis, and a new phase in developing architectural utility, and formative and artistic values. Clearly divided into educational, residential, commercial and other sections, the city keeps a perfect harmony of multi-storeyed buildings, and all dwellings and public facilities embody the principle of prioritizing convenience and aesthetic beauty. And new standards were established from the architectural formation of the city as a whole to each building, traffic facility, promotional fixtures like slogans and catchwords and decorative illuminations. Also, the area has got a marvellous landscape which goes well with the northern alpine region.

An apartment house, a school and public welfare facilities in Samjiyon.

An apartment house, a school and public welfare facilities in Samjiyon.

The fact that working people enjoy socialist civilization to their heart’s content in the ideal city at the foot of Mt Paektu, the sacred mountain of the nation, enables the Korean people to picture their prosperous future in their mind.

Crystallization of Care for the People

It is the Supreme Leader’s intention and will to enable the people to enjoy the best civilization on the highest level.

In July 2018 he looked round Jungphyong-ri, Kyongsong County, North Hamgyong Province to turn it into a large-scale vegetable greenhouse farm. The locality had been used as an airfield by that time. Looking at the vast expanse of fertile land, he said that if a vegetable greenhouse farm was built there it would be wonderful and that he was most pleased to find and do one worthwhile thing after another for the sake of the people. The farm village should be developed into a good place to work and live in, a fine example of socialist rural area and a socialist paradise, he said and gave the general direction related to the construction and management of the farm, for example, organization of the headquarters for the construction of the farm, appointment of managing directors for different fields of the project, manufacture of greenhouse equipment, supply of building materials, training of greenhouse engineers and securing of seeds and manpower.

The Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and Tree Nursery, and houses.

A month later he went to the construction site again to direct the preparation for the project.

As soon as it was reported that a greenhouse farm for the diet of the provincial people was about to be built, graduates of Chongjin University of Agriculture were the first to volunteer to work at the farm, and lots of builders from across the country went there and pushed ahead with the infrastructure and foundation work in the greenhouse, residential and tree nursery districts and the construction of buildings. Thus they wrought a miracle of completing 320 greenhouses, a tree nursery and houses for hundreds of families in the area of 200 hectares in a little over a year.

The great change in the locality is the fruition of the Supreme Leader’s lofty intention for the care of the people as well as his wise guidance, and it is another treasure that makes it possible to picture the future of Koreanstyle socialism developed by selfreliance.

Comprehensive Hot-spring Treatment Base and Multifunctional Sports and Recreational Complex

Hot springs in Yangdok, South Phyongan Province, contain lots of sulphur and a negligible amount of radon, gush out in large quantities and are high in pharmacological and medical efficacy. Especially the springs do not contain such pollution indicators as ammonia, nitrous acid, ion nitrate and pathogenic microorganisms at all.

Yangdok Hot Spring Resort in DPRK

Yangdok Hot Spring Resort in DPRK

It was in August 2018 that the Supreme Leader inspected Yangdok to build a comprehensive hot-spring treatment base there. He climbed up and down low and high hills to designate the position of a general hotel, and instructed that modern comprehensive service facilities should be built there so as to provide different kinds of hot spring bath.

In April 2019, during his inspection of the construction site, he said: If a skiing ground is built around the hot spring resort people will be glad to ski in the daytime and have a rest while taking a hot-spring bath in the evening. Then he instructed that the area should be turned into a comprehensive sports and recreational base and medical service base.

Later he inspected the construction site many times to give specific directions, for example, the matters of combining national identity and modernity properly, ensuring harmony, distinctiveness and diversity and holding on to the principle of prioritizing convenience and aesthetic beauty.

Care engenders trust, and results in a miracle. True to their national leader’s intention for the care of the people, the Korean people completed in a short span of less than a year the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort consisting of both indoor and outdoor spa baths, skiing areas, a riding park and hotels, all perfect in utility, mutual combination and formative and artistic qualities.

On December 7, 2019 the Supreme Leader participated in the inauguration ceremony of the resort and cut the inaugural tape.

Article: Choe Sol Mi