It is winter when the River Taedong flowing through the capital city Pyongyang froze and the cold wind blows at the riverside with the weeping willows. But “summer” was in the midst of winter. It was felt at the Munsu Water Park which is frequented by all people.

I entered the indoor wading pool into which the dazzling sun was shining and felt that it was as good as the outdoor wading pool. Guide Jong Yon Hui greeted me and said:

“Many people come to our water park in winter as well as in summer. They wade unaware of the lapse of time and the number of the visitors is on the increase.” She led me to a swimming pool. People were as good as swimmers. Watching their swimming, I was reluctant to leave and heard children’s laughing.

I found a harmonious children’s pool. Children were absorbed in wading while shooting a water gun or spraying water each other. It seemed as if they made a monopoly of the wading pool.

I also saw children taking their mothers by the hand and dabbling with laugh and mothers smiling at them, old people in an ultrasonic pool with clear water, people surfing for unique pleasure and youngsters taking a douche to build up their bodies.

What was most popular was a water slide. Sliding down like an arrow, everybody exclaimed and their different postures evoked laughter of viewers. The wading pool with clear water was full of delight, laughter, pleasure and optimism.

I went to the gymnasium linked with the wading pool. The gymnasium was also drawing many people.

People were having volleyball, basketball and badminton games in a heated atmosphere. In the table-tennis room cheers broke forth whenever points were made. Children on the trampoline looked like acrobats and “explorers” were absorbed in the cliff-climbing.

Everywhere I went, I could hear loud laughter and see people full of joy and optimism.

“I played badminton and shed much sweat. I am about to go to a wading pool again for douche. It is really amusing to wade in water and play different sports including basketball and volleyball.”

“I did not know how the time passed. I liked very much to play on the water slide and in a wave pool.”

“I often come to the water park together with my family. I am going to come here often this summer, too.”

“I regularly come here on high days and holidays. Once I come here, I am reluctant to leave. Once I leave, I want to come again.”

Listening to their happy voices, I left the Munsu Water Park, but I had an urge to stay there welcoming the people in all seasons.

Indeed, the Munsu Water Park has been kept in the hearts of the Korean people as part of their life.